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JOE maximizes the little bit of spare time you have. You do quality workouts, intervals and rides that actually benefit you. No more just spinning your wheels and waisting time.


Doing the additional workouts for core and strength training also makes a huge difference. You work muscles that you don't think you use on the bike. Helps you cut that extra weight that slows you down.


I have been riding nine years and have gained more in the short bit of time that I have been training with Joey than I have in all those nine years!


The personal expertise you learn for racing is priceless.

                                                                                                        -Greg (client since 2009)

I have seen definite improvements since training with Joey. My friends all commented last year on how much stronger I had gotten. I have also seen huge improvements in other clients of his. I think one of the most important things is, that your goals are his goals. It's great to have someone with his race experience and knowledge to rely on. And not to mention his mechanical expertise.

                                                                                                        -Cindy (client since 2008)

I am very time-constrained and wished to maximize the effectiveness of the

training time that I had available.  Joe works with me to tailor a plan that

is based on my frequently changing work schedule and closely monitors my

workout results.

I have cycled for 20+ years but this is the first time that I have worked

with a coach.  Joe is bringing a discipline to my riding and workouts that

was previously lacking.  In the short time that he has been coaching me I

can already tell a difference in physical conditioning and possess a more

tactical sense of riding than I previously had.

                                                                                                         -Bruce (client since 2010)

When I decided to start racing, I had absolutely no idea where to start or how to train effectively.  Joey agreed to take me on as a client, and it’s been nothing but steady improvement.  I’m not saying it hasn’t been a lot of hard work, though.  He’s taken me from getting dropped, to hanging on, to finishing in the middle after just a season of training.  My confidence has jumped from nonexistent to a boat-load. 

His years of racing experience is a golden asset.  He knows how to take you from the ground up without burning you, yet leave you screaming for more.  He knows when to pound the work in and when to lay off.  He takes coaching seriously, attending seminars and workshops to better aid him in helping his clients further their racing endeavors.  Can’t imagine anyone else training me!


                                                                                                        -Kathy (Client since 2009)

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