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I love riding bikes!  I love racing them!  I love making them and I love fixing them!  My Dad is not a television repair man, but I do have the ultimate set of tools.  I CAN fix it!

I started racing in 1999 and became a CAT 3 in a season.  With the help of a coach, I was a CAT 1 at the end of the following season. Racing on several elite teams, I competed across the U.S. in elite road races and criterium nationals.  I lived the life of vagabond bike racer, but I loved it.

Jump to Tulsa 2003-- I started working as a mechanic for Adam at Lee's Bicycles. Adam helped stoke my passion and respect for the local bike shop. By 2004, I was racing heavily and working fulltime for Bicycles Inc.  In a weak moment, I convinced myself that I couldn't race anymore since I worked over 40 hours a week and was still a cat 1. How the hell could I keep up with the amount of time I had to train??  Back to that later..

Skip ahead to 2005...when I started my own gig, Trinity Bicycles in Irving. My partner Anthony and I specialized in custom bikes and exceptional repair work. If your local bike shop smirked at you when you brought in your old steel Raleigh to get overhauled, then you came to Trinity Bicycles to be treated right. The work, the customers, the insights at Trinity helped me realized that I didn't have to ride over 20 hours a week to reach my form and I needn’t feel burned out. In fact it helped to back off the quantity but increase the quality of my training. In other words I made the most of it when I could ride.   With this newly found philosophy, I started racing track as well. With early and consistent results, I qualified to race at Track Nationals in 2007.

In 2008, I began the next chapter of my biking passion as Service Manager of the newly opened Rockwall Cycling in Rockwall, TX.  Now I train about 10 hours a week, work over 40 and race when I can, getting the same results (sometimes better) than I did when I was younger and rode more. 

What does this all mean?  First, there is some sanity and work life balance that my wife and dogs appreciate.  What does this mean for you?  I have lived it, built it, done the race, crashed it, ridden it, have the t-shirt, made that mistake, repaired that flat, seen it, bonked on that hill, and most of all loved it.  Joe’s Bicycle Coaching is real world experience for real world training.

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“I have been riding and racing nine years and have gained more in the short bit of time that I have been training with Joey than I have in all those nine years!”


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